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Schedule Changes Dec 7 - 13

TBWHA Phase 2 Extension - Schedules

Please review the TBWHA Phase 2 Extension Schedule.

Please re-register for this extension at the following link:

U7/U9 Link (Nov 30 - Dec 20 Extension)

U11 - U18 Link (Nov 30 - Dec 20 Extension)

COVID- Screening

Parents, Players, and Spectators

Please remember it is your responsibility to self-assess for COVID-19 prior to arriving at the arena.  Please use the following link to guide you through this process.

Phase 2 Schedule

Please review the Phase 2 schedule for the first 2 weeks.  The teams will be email out Friday evening.

Revised Oct 15_2:05

Oct25_8:48 Update

Please see below for the schedule for the period Nov 2-29

TBWHA Return to Play - Phase 2


Oct 14 - Update

The registration link is now closed for this phase of the Return to Play.  There are limited spaces available in some age groups.  If you missed the registration and are still interested, please email 



As we look to build on the successes of the first phase of the Return to Play, we would like to thank all of the volunteers, especially the on-ice coaches for making our development phase a huge success.  Without you we would not have been able to successfully implement the first step of our plan.


The registration for the second phase of the Return to Play is now open.  Please register as soon as possible with a deadline of Tuesday October 13


Please register at the following link:


The second phase will run for a period of 6 weeks (Oct 19 – Nov 29).  This phase will see our player split into teams of 9-12 players and participate in 12 sessions (likely 8-9 games and 3-4 shared ice practices).  We will follow the OWHA Mandatory Modified playing rules as posted on the OWHA website.  We will be taking a 4on4 hybrid approach which will allow us to adjust to 3on3 if/and when needed.  The cost of this phase will be $150.00 and the refund policy is as follows.


Timing of Potential Shutdown

Refund Amount

After 1st Session


After 2nd Session


After 3rd Session


After 4th Session


After 5th Session


After 6th Session


After 7th Session


After 8th Session


After 9th Session


After 10th Session


After 11th Session



TBWHA will continue to monitor the status of returning to play and changes will be made as OWHA moves to their next stages of the return to play framework. 

If advised at any point that the OWHA will move forward with hosting a Provincial tournament, TBWHA will determine the feasibility of tryouts and the selection of any competitive Queens and Fury program teams to represent TBWHA in the Provincial Tournament as determined by the protocols provided by OWHA, and the health authorities.


After a conference call with OWHA, and the advice offered by the OWHA lawyer about the holding of the AGM, it was recommended that the AGM for TBWHA be postponed until restrictions of Covid-19 are lifted.  At that time, the government has allowed organizations 180 days in which to hold the AGM.  Although the AGM was tentatively planned to be held on June 24/20, it is now postponed until further notice.

The Core Board has passed a motion that allows the current executives to remain in their positions until the restriction is lifted by the government and are in accordance with OWHA.

Thank you,

Tammy Reynolds


Rowan's Law 

Ontario Government Mandates New Concussion Program for Sport

All Players and Parents MUST review

Concussion Awareness Resource e-booklet can be found at link below