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After a conference call with OWHA, and the advice offered by the OWHA lawyer about the holding of the AGM, it was recommended that the AGM for TBWHA be postponed until restrictions of Covid-19 are lifted.  At that time, the government has allowed organizations 180 days in which to hold the AGM.  Although the AGM was tentatively planned to be held on June 24/20, it is now postponed until further notice.

The Core Board has passed a motion that allows the current executives to remain in their positions until the restriction is lifted by the government.

Thank you,

Tammy Reynolds



Applications are now being accepted for those players who are graduating from high school and moving on to a secondary institutuion.  Applications will be accepted until June 15/20.

The applicaton form can be found on this website under the handout tab.  Please send completed applications to

TBWHA understands and recognizes that students may not be able to obtain their transcripts from school currently, and encourage to still apply for the scholarships.  The scholarships will not be decided until they are able to obtain the required transcript.


Hockey Canada, as a result of Covid-19, and in support of player and participant safety has cancelled all Hockey Canada sanctioned activities, including National Championships until further notice, effective immediately.


Further details can be found here

Rowan's Law 

Ontario Government Mandates New Concussion Program for Sport

All Players and Parents MUST review

Concussion Awareness Resource e-booklet can be found at link below