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U11 - Fury

Regular Season 2021-2022
2021-2022 x Regular Season

Player Spotlight

Announcing Alexis Eusepi!  Alexis is number 15 and plays wing for the Thunder Bay Fury.  Making the Fury with her bestie Chloe was an exciting day.  Since then, she has made so many amazing friends and is having a blast.  Alexis is all smiles when she has to go to hockey and loves every minute of it, especially blasting the music while singing and dancing before games.  When she is not playing hockey, she enjoys skiing, soccer, swimming and football.  She spends her summers at camp water skiing, kayaking and playing in the sand.  Alexis' favorite NHL team is the Pittsburgh Penguins which drives her Dad nuts (he's a Toronto fan).  She loves being part of the Fury!

Player Spotlight

Hello!  My name is Grace Lees aka "Gray Gray" thanks to Coach Neal!  I am ten years old and this is my first year being a defenceman for the U11 Fury and I am loving it!  I am honored to wear #19 on our team and you can always spot me on the ice with my curly red ponytail at the back of my helmet.  I started playing hockey because of my friends in school encouraging me to play and I have never left.  If I am not at hockey, you might find me doing other sports like basketball and tennis, cooking, drawing, reading or spending time with my friends and family.  I am known for being very creative and am always thinking of projects to create , or special activities I can do with the support of my friends, neighbours or brother.  I LOVE to travel and have big dreams of going to Paris someday.  I am hoping my future includes something to do with kids because I love helping others and making a difference any way I can.  I also would love to be a fashion designer especially since I have been learning how to sew.  My favourite team is the Edmonton Oilers and I love when they beta the Canadiens, Leafs or Flyers...who are the teams that the rest of my family cheers for.  It is no surprise with these picks, when we play on the ice together, it can get pretty competitive!

I am grateful for being a part of the Fury Team.  We are so lucky to have an amazing team of dedicated coaches who have worked so hard with each of us this year to help us develop and find our strengths.  They have encouraged us to do our best while making sure we have fun and it really has made for an awesome year...even when we have had to manage Covid through it all. The best thing about this year has been the friendships we have made and all the adventures we have had, that is really helping us be successful as a Team on the ice.  You should see us in ACTION!  We are so lucky to have been in tournaments together but when you can have paint nights, pool parties, dryland practices in 80's gear, bowling parties, team contests and challenges to help our makes it even better!  I just LOVE my Team!

Player Spotlight

Hi, I'm Makayla Heino.  I am 10 years old and I love playing defence.  I have been playing hockey since I was 5, but this is my first year playing on an all-girl team - and I LOVE IT!  I love going to the rink to practice, play games and spend time with some of the best girls in Thunder Bay.  When I'm not at hockey, I enjoy dancing, singing, playing soccer, camping, spending time with my friends and playing with Diesel and Kilo (our 2 Rottweillers).  I would like to send a special thank you to Northern Physiotherapy and VieCure for being my sponsors this season.  It has been an amazing experience and because of your kindness, I have created memories that will last forever.

Player Spotlight

Introducing Olivia (Hurricane) Scarfo who is 9 years old and wears number 15 on U11 Fury.  She loves her coaches and teammates!  Thank you for this opportunity.   Olivia has been playing hockey since the age of 4.  When she is not on the rink, Olivia loves all things sports!  She enjoys swimming like a mermaid, taking karate, downhill skiing, soccer, and football....and don't forget wanting to be on American Ninja Warrior Junior. She is also in French Immersion in Grade 4 and wants to be a doctor.  Olivia loves travelling with her family around the world to places like Paris, Tropea, Italy,  Dubai, Spain, and all places Carribean. She has also been on many cruises.  She recommends Disney Cruise lines. Lastly, her favorite rides that you should all try , if you dare, are the wooden roller coaster in Montreal at La Ronde and the Log Chute in MOA.  Thank you for a great year!


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Player Spotlight

Hi, I’m Tatum Bannister, I’m 9 years old and I play defense for the u11 Fury.  I love to play hockey, soccer, ski, and swim.  When I’m not busy with hockey or skiing, I’m usually at my camp at Manitoulin Island or on trips.  I love to go swimming, water skiing, tubing, and kayaking when I’m at my camp.
I’ve been to lots of trips including Mexico, Texas, Disney Cruise to Alaska, Toronto, Minneapolis and Great Wolf Lodge.  This year I hope we go to the Bahamas or Disney Land! I love dogs and spending time with my family and friends.

Player Spotlight

Hi, my name is Ellie Lawson! I am number 18 and play center on the U11 Thunder Bay Fury.  I am 10 years old with my birthday coming soon in March.  I started playing hockey when I was 4 years old and I loved it ever since.  Playing on the Fury has been so much fun for me.  I’ve made so many new friends on the team.  At home I have a Golden Retriever named Greta, she just turned 1 year old in January.  I play lots of sports (other than hockey) like soccer, skiing, karate and swimming.  I also like doing activities like arts and crafts, running races, gaming and playing the piano.  One of my favourite NHL hockey teams is the Toronto Maple Leafs.  I enjoy watching them play with my family.  I also enjoy collecting Tim Hortons hockey cards.  I was also really excited when the new Tim Hortons Team Canada hockey cards came out because there were woman hockey cards too!  I hope some day I will be on one of those hockey cards, so I’m going to keep on trying my hardest in hockey.  I really enjoy playing for the U11 Fury and I look forward to continuing to work on my hockey skills.

Player Spotlight

Hi! I’m Kensie Bragnalo, I’m nine years old, I wear #6 on the U11 Fury and I play centre or left-wing. I’ve been playing hockey since I was 4 but I have been spending time at the rink since I was a baby watching my older brother and sister play. Hockey runs in my family! This is my first year being on a girls team and I am having a blast! When I’m not playing hockey or running around a rink, I love to play outside at the park, skate on the ODR, go swimming, visit my grandma, go camping in the summer and have fun with my friends! I like to be silly, tell jokes and make people smile! I also love to sing along to my favourite songs at home and in the car (this drives my brother and sister crazy). I cheer for the Toronto Maple Leafs and Mitch Marner is my favourite player. Being on the Fury has been a great experience so far and I’m happy I’ve made so many new friends.

Player Spotlight

Hi.  My name is Addison Shaw.  I'm a 10 year old defenseman for the U11 Fury.  Before joining the Fury, hockey was just something I liked.  Now, because of the friendships I've made and the wonderful coaching I've had, hockey has become a passion, something I wake up and look forward to.  My time on the ice with friends is one of my favorite and best experiences.

At home, I  have two pugs Oscar and Axel who I used to dress up in doll clothes, but now I cut them some slack because they're getting a little older.

My favorite subjects in school are art, gym and music.  At home I love drawing and hard core gaming.  I really love to be silly and have fun, and besides hockey, my winter activities are snowboarding, snowshoeing and most recently skiing which I absolutely love!  In the summer you can find me swimming, hiking and go cart racing down the road.

Player Spotlight

Now introducing Peyton Lavoie (aka Rapunzel)…Peyton is 9 years old and wears #9!  She started playing hockey when she was seven and absolutely loves playing on the U11 Fury Team as defence. Peyton likes to get to the rink early while listening to Ozzy Osbourne’s Crazy Train and getting pumped up with her amazing teammates.  A die-hard Montreal Canadians fan, her favourite player is Carey Price. Along with hockey, Peyton likes soccer, crafts, school, organizing her room?!?, and camping at Kashabowie River Resort where she reels in monster fish all summer and competes in lawn games. Peyton is currently reading Over the Boards: Lessons from the Ice by Hayley Wickenheiser and wants to be just like her. She said she is even willing to give up Smores if it means playing in the Olympics. Peyton loves people and wants to play hockey, especially with her little sister, for as long as she can. Peyton’s grateful to her coaches, teammates, and to have this opportunity.

Player Spotlight

Leila "Beans" Thorvaldson.  Leila is fiercely independent and has been assigned several nicknames in her ten short years on the planet.  From "Beans" to "Danger Baby", at home Leila is rarely called by the name her parents gave her.  When it comes to hockey, Beans plays defense and dons #7 like her favorite NHL player Brady Tkachuk, from her favorite NHL team, the Ottawa Senators.  She loves a challenge and to hold the blue line like her big sister.  If you don't see her on the blue line you can find her in the penalty box...  She also has a sweet rink and was drafted to Team Rogers this year!  In her non-hockey time she loves climbing to the tallest point of the tree in her front yard, soccer, and downhill skiing.

Beans would like to thank her uncle Joe for silently sponsoring her this season and supporting RISE Functional Fitness as the named sponsor!(Everyone needs an uncle Joe!)  Shameless plug alert: If you are interested in strength and conditioning check out RISE Functional Fitness


Player Spotlight

Hi, my name is Chloe Tanner. This is my first year playing in the TBWHA and I am happy to say I am the goalie for the U11 Fury team. I am 9 years old and my birthday is on October 16th. I have been playing hockey since I was 4 years old but this is the first year playing goalie. I can honestly say, that becoming a goalie was a great decision because I am having so much fun (minus the mysterious wardrobe malfunctions that continue to follow me around)! My favorite food is pizza (of course) and I love cheezies and chips! I have a hard time choosing between winter and summer as my favorite season, as I love playing hockey and I love swimming and pretty much doing anything at the lake. 2021 was also a special year as our family got a new puppy (Arrow), who is cute and cuddly! People who know me might say I’m a bit of character, but being around my friends and teammates just make me happy so I can’t help being a bit goofy! Thank you to all my new friends and to the coaches for making my 1st time on the Fury such a great experience.

Player Spotlight

And, now at centre for the Thunder Bay Fury, #5 Rylee Pucci. I am 9 years old and I love playing hockey.  My favourite team is the Pittsburgh Penguins and my favourite player is Sidney Crosby. I also like the Colorado Avalanche and Nathan McKinnon. When I’m not playing hockey, I like to play soccer, ski, and go camping in the summer. My favourite subjects in school are art and gym. When I get older my goal is to play on Canada’s Women’s Olympic Hockey Team. I love playing on the Fury and I love all the new
friends that I have made!

Player Spotlight

Introducing Emily Scharf! Emily wears number 14 and plays left wing. Making the Thunder Bay Fury was a highlight for Emily this year.  Emily plays with a whole lot of heart and determination. She loves her team and wears her Fury gear with pride. Emily started playing organized hockey at the age of four. She enjoys cheering for the Toronto Maple Leafs as she knows it bugs her dad who is a die hard Bruins fan. Emily has many passions, but one is to become a chef and own her own restaurant, and name it Albertos. Emily likes to keep her team loose in the dressing room by cracking jokes and making her teammates laugh. She loves to wear jogging pants and t-shirts and prides herself on being comfortable. In the summer months, she also enjoys playing soccer, spending time at camp and visiting her family in Toronto.

Player Spotlight

Hi.  Meet me, Harper Lilley.  I wear #4 and play left wing.  I was born on September 11, 2012.  Besides playing hockey I like gymnastics and dance.  My favorite season is summer because I like swimming, going to camp and playing golf.  Other things I enjoy are baking, cooking and art and math.  My favorite team is the Ottawa Senators but my favorite player is Connor McDavid.  I hope one day I score as many goals as him!  I love playing on the Fury, I have made a lot of great friends.

Player Spotlight

Meet "Miss Brynnley Hautanen."  Brynnley wears #17 and is a right winger on the Thunder Bay Fury.  Brynnley was born on Sept.24th and is 9 years old.  She loves playing hockey, going on hikes, swimming and being on the beach.  Her favorite local hockey team is the Fighting Walleye and she thinks Chomper is a pretty cool dude!  As you can see, she can usually be seen smiling, dressing up her dog Sammy, cracking jokes or pranks and making everyone laugh.  Brynnley is a French Immersion student who takes pride in her school work and also plays the piano.  Additionally, she is an amazing singer.  As hiking is one of her favorite outdoor activities, she recommends going for a hike up Lost Mountain.  Brynnley loves the Twilight Series and enjoys reading Goosebumps books, her favorite animal is the Grey Wolf.  Brynn loves going out for dinner and especially loves going to the Stanley for mozza sticks and a Pepsi.  She loves being a part of the Fury Hockey Team and especially loves their singing and dancing in the dressing room before games!

Player Spotlight

Hi.  Meet Chloe Clausen.  Chloe (born in 2012) wears #8 and is a right winger on the U11 Thunder Bay Fury.  Nicknamed "Chlovechkin" by her Mom, Chloe began playing hockey at 7 years old and has developed a deep love for the game.  Along with hockey, Chloe enjoys Dancing and Football, most notably she enjoys trash talking anyone who is not a Cleveland Browns Fan.  She is in Grade 4 and hopes to attend University and become an Engineer one day.  The only thing to rival Chloe's love for her dog, Riko, is her love of tacos; Chloe has even choreographed her own taco dance that she excitedly performs on taco nights.  Chloe loves Churros and the color blue, her favorite movie is Alexander and the No Good, Terrible, Horrible, Really Bad Day.  Chloe enjoys hockey, but loves her teammates.  She is so happy to be back in the dressing room with her friends and enjoying their time together.



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Game #2 (Restart)...

The next team up for the Fury on their restart tour was the West End Bruins.  West End was sitting third in the LMHL U11 standings so the Fury girls were in for a tough test.  The Fury took the ice ready for the challenge, except, they would have to wait until the timekeepers showed up.  The girls kept loose and focused, and when the puck finally dropped, it was, to put it simply, amazing.  The Fury girls flew all over the ice and attacked every puck with a sense of urgency.  A perfect pass from Leila Thorvaldson would lead to the Teams first goal, as Harper Lilley buried a rebound to make it 1-0 Fury.  Just 45 seconds later, Olivia Scarfo broke down the wing and buried her first of the year to give the Fury to a 2-0 lead.  Before the end of the first, Chloe Clausen won a foot race for a loose puck and put it past the goalie to stake the Fury to a 3-0 advantage.

The second period saw West End try to claw back in the game, scoring on a partial break and cutting into the Fury's lead.  However, every time the Bruins would mount an attack, the Fury would counter.  Lexi Eusepi would find herself in alone on the goalie and make no mistake to reclaim the 3 goal advantage.  West End capitalized on a fortunate bounce, cutting the lead to 4-2.  But, on cue, the Fury responded just 7 seconds later, with Chloe Clausen netting her second of the game and restoring the 3 goal buffer.  Emily Scharf would then be on the receiving end of a great pass from Ellie Lawson and put the Fury in front 6-2 heading into the third.

The third period saw some more Fury magic.  Harper Lilley found Chloe Clausen alone in front and fed a perfect pass.  Chloe buried the one timer for the hat trick and a 7-2 lead.  The Bruins would add a late goal, but the Fury would skate away with a wonderful performance and a 7-3 victory. The puck movement from the Fury was on full display, moving up and down the ice and generating many great scoring opportunities.  With no games on the horizon, the Fury's next game could be in the Elks tournament (unless the coaches can setup an exhibition game).  With the Fury train rolling (outscoring their opponents 13-6 in their 2 games back), they may prove to be the Team to beat in a couple weeks. 

Game #1 (Restart)...

And...they're off...again.  The restarted season saw the TBWHA Fury (and this local hockey reporter) eager to get back on the ice and even more excited to be together again.  The girls showed up to the rink prepared and they would need all of their energy and enthusiasm as they battled a tough WF Maroons hockey team.  With loud cheers and chants of "Let's GO" it was finally game time.

The Fury took control of the pace from the opening faceoff, pressuring the Maroons and pinning them deep in their own end.  A bad bounce halfway through the first period found the back of the net and the Maroons took a 1-0 lead.  That is the last time the Fury would trail in the game.  Playing some of their most determined and aggressive hockey of the season, the Fury dominated the rest of the game.  Winning the races for the loose pucks, the Fury were powered by their aggression (and some Tacos) and were rewarded for their hard work.  Kensie Bragnalo lead the way with her first hat trick of the year while Harper Lilley netted two and Alexis Eusepi added the other.  Chloe Tanner made some timely saves and the Fury skated away with a convincing 6-3 victory.  Emily Scharf was named the games "Hardest Worker" by her Teammates.

Next up is a game that the coaches have been waiting for against the streaking West End Bruins.

Game #4...

Game #4 on the schedule pitted the Thunder Bay Fury against the VP Bearcats.  Having everyone back provided the Fury the spark that they would need as their infectious enthusiasm could be felt throughout the arena.  The Fury attacked the puck at every opportunity, often pinning the Bearcats deep in their end.  Finally, halfway through the second frame, a relentless forecheck and down low pressure would pay off, as Rylee Pucci pounced on a Bearcat turnover, burying the puck, and putting the Fury in front 1-0.  That would be all the offence the Fury would need, as Chloe Tanner stood tall between the pipes thwarting any Bearcat opportunity.  Alexis Eusepi would add an insurance marker and the Fury would skate away with a 2-0 victory.  The defensive effort, combined with the pressuring forwards and solid netminding, resulted in the best overall game of the year for the Fury.  As their comfort level increases, the girls are becoming more confident and starting to loosen up.  It should be an exciting year moving forward.

Game #3...

Game #3 on the LMHL schedule would find the shorthanded Thunder Bay Fury taking on the top ranked North End Flames.  Down a few players, the Fury employed their secret weapon, Peyton Randle against a potent Flames attack.  The first period was a fast-paced affair, with Rylee Pucci striking first with just under two minutes to go in the opening frame, giving the Fury a 1-0 lead.  The second period saw some incredible action and entertainment.  A goal by Alexis Eusepi, sandwiched between pad malfunctions and emergency goalies, led to an unforgettable period and a 2-2 tie.  The Flames scored an early goal in the third, the Fury battled back hard but just couldn’t capitalize.  With under 2 minutes to play, the Flames were benefitted by a lucky bounce and found themselves able to take a 4-2 lead.  Displaying their never say die attitude, 20 seconds later, Rylee Pucci would score her second of the game to bring the Fury within 1 with a minute to play.  Controlling the play, the Fury were unable to score the tying goal and fell to the Flames 4-3.  The effort and compete level of ALL the Fury girls was outstanding and would set the table for their next game.

Brandon Tournament...

After a great start to the year, the Thunder Bay Fury were off to Brandon, Manitoba to participate in the BEHLEN Female Hockey Challenge.  Working together, the Team arrived safely and was ready to play their first game against the APHA Polar Bears.  After a scoreless first period, the Polar Bears found the net early in the second to make it a 1-0 game.  After the Fury had several great chances, Harper Lilley finally lit the lamp and tied it at 1 heading to the third period.  The third period saw the Polar Bears score the next two goals to take a 3-1 lead, but on cue, Alexis Eusepi rifled a puck past the APHA goaltender to make it a one score game.  Both teams fought hard, but neither would be able to beat the goalies, and the APHA Polar Bears escaped with a 3-2 victory.

Next up were the host Brandon Purple Panthers, an early morning game that found several of the Fury families on the wrong side of the road, lol.  The Fury started the game like they always seem to, full of energy and attacking.  The Fury carried the play through the first half of the game and were finally rewarded with 6 minutes to go in the second, as Rylee Pucci jumped on a rebound to make it 1-0 for the Fury.  The next 26 minutes saw both Teams generate chances.  The Panthers had a trio of third period breakaways shut down by Chloe Tanner while the Fury put pucks off the post and just narrowly missed with some terrific opportunities.  At the end, it would be the Fury, backstopped by Chloe Tanners FIRST shutout, who took the game 1-0 and put the other Teams on notice, the Fury was the Team to beat.

The third game was an evening matchup against the Southwest Stars.  The Fury did something that they had not done yet this year, as Harper Lilley would score an early goal, giving the Fury a 1-0 lead.  The lead was short lived however, as a combination of missed/poor calls would give the Stars several opportunities, and the Fury found themselves down 3-1 at the mid game point.  The Fury kept pressuring the Stars and their hard work paid off as Ellie Lawson and Emily Scharf would find the back of the net, both goals assisted by Addison Shaw, and the Fury would pull even with the Stars, setting up a wild final few minutes of action.  The Stars found a way to beat Chloe Tanner to take a 4-3 lead with 5 minutes left, that would be the last time the puck left the Stars end.  The Fury pressed the action and generated several great chances, but it wasn’t to be, as the Fury would fall to the Stars in a thrilling 4-3 game.

After the round robin tiebreakers were used, the Fury would find themselves in the third place game against the Stonewall Blues.  A rare slow start to the game saw the Fury give up 2 early goals and trail the Blues 2-0 at the games midway point.  An injury to Emily Scharf would pause the game and light a fire in the Fury girls.  Out of nowhere, the Team came alive and the flood gates would open.  Powered by Harper Lilley’s 4 goal performance, the Fury would put up their highest scoring game of the year, filling the net 8 times, with goals from Alexis Eusepi, Emily Scharf, Rylee Pucci and Ellie Lawson.  A wonderful Team effort found the Fury secure an 8-4 victory and take home the third place Championship.

A great weekend of swimming, bowling and shopping (with some hockey sprinkled in as well).  A snow storm on the way home and some tense driving moments.  This was truly a weekend to remember.  The amount of people that commented on “how great the Fury Team played” and “they should have been in the Championship” was further proof of how hard the girls worked.  The scoreboard doesn’t always reflect hardwork, but the respect that other Teams show does.

Westfort Tournament...

The U11 Fury opened the Westfort Tournament against the host Westfort Rangers, hoping to carry the momentum from their opening victory through the weekend.  The Fury girls dominated for long stretches of the opening period but found themselves down 1-0 after one.  As the girls pressed the action, they found themselves causing turnovers and taking advantage, eventually tying the game at 4 and sending it to a shootout.  After Westfort scored on their first attempt, Kensie Bragnalo calmly stepped up and buried her opportunity to tie it at 5.  Chloe Tanner then handled the rest, stopping the next two shooters while Rylee Pucci scored the game winner.  Unreal performances by these Cardiac Kids, electrifying the arena.  With a 6-5 Fury victory, the singing from the dressing room could be heard throughout the arena, a 2-0 start to the year!!!

8am saw a matchup of the unbeatens, as the U11 Fury battled the undefeated North End Flames.  The Fury hit the ice hard, carrying the play and attacking the puck.  North End scored the first goal, but as has been the motto of the Team, "we own the 3rd period" proved right again, as the girls tied it up, setting the stage for a wild ending.  With North End on their heels, the girls pushed the play looking for the go ahead goal.  An unlucky bounce found its way onto a North End stick, and with a minute to play, North End would score to take a 2-1 victory.    This game would serve notice to all of the Teams in the tournament, prepare for a battle when the Fury hit the ice.

The afternoon game saw the 1-1 Fury take on the 1-1 Neebing Wildhawks with playoff implications on the line.  A win and the Fury would be off to the Championship rounds, a loss would put the girls to the consolation side.  An energetic start to the game saw the girls, again, come out firing but falling behind 1-0.  Gaining momentum throughout the game, the Fury took over the scoresheet after that, finding the net 3 times and continuing to gain confidence in their play.  With a 3-1 victory, the Team moved their record to 3-1 on the year and setup a winner moves on game with the equally improving Current River Comets.

An excited atmosphere awaited the quarter final showdown between the two Teams.  Back and forth action ensued from the puck drop with the Fury determined to take the play to the Comets.  The Fury rang pucks off the post and battled hard in front of the net.  Shots on goal that narrowly missed, penalty shots (should have been called) and opportunities just did not bounce the Fury way, as the Team fell to the Comets and ended an incredible run in the Westfort Classic.

I am so proud of the girls accomplishments during the tournament.  There were so many positive moments throughout the weekend.  The girls worked so hard and absorbed as much instruction as humanly possible.  Our weekend motto of "we own the third" rang true throughout the tournament, proving these girls have the heart and desire to compete with any Team out there.  Wonderful weekend and looking forward to seeing where we stack up in the Brandon Tournament.


Game #1....

After many early mornings and some late nights, lol, the U11 Fury finally got to play their first game on Monday night.  First up was the U11 Neebing Thunderhawks.  

The two teams battled hard in the first period.  The Fury created several great scoring chances with an aggressive forecheck.  Unfortunately, the Thunderhawks found the back of the net late in the period to take a 1-0 lead.  The second period saw a lot of end to end action, with both teams having breakaways and odd man chances.  Once again, it was Neebing that found a way to break through with a goal to make it 2-0 after two periods.

The start of the third period saw Chloe Tanner make some incredible saves to keep the Team within striking distance, setting up a Fury-ous comeback. On cue, Kensie Bragnalo took a pass from Ellie Lawson the length of the ice and beat the goalie to make it a one score game.  Two minutes later, Harper Lilley found herself in front of the net and buried the puck to tie the game at 2 and setup a wild finish to the game.  A bouncing puck found it's way on Rylee Pucci's stick and she made no mistake, burying her first goal of the season to give the Fury a 3-2 lead.  Hard work, a relentless forecheck and attention to detail, not to mention some timely goaltending, allowed the Fury to maintain their lead and send the fans home happy with a hard earned victory.  Start the music, the Fury are Fancy Like .... a 3-2 win in the first game of the year.

A great start to the year and some wonderful building blocks for the rest of the season.  Next up, the Westfort tournament

U11 Fury - 2021/2022

The U11 Fury are excited to announce its roster for the upcoming season:

Tatum Bannister
Kensie Bragnalo
Chloe Clausen
Alexis Eusepi 
Brynnley Hautanen
Makayla Heino
Peyton Lavoie
Ellie Lawson
Grace Lees
Harper Lilley
Rylee Pucci
Payton Randle
Olivia Scarfo
Emily Scharf
Addison Shaw
Leila Thorvaldson 
Chloe Tanner


Congratulations to all the girls who attended evaluations for their outstanding efforts.

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